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True Ames | Stussy Roots Twin Fin Smoke Futures

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( 2 Fin Set ) FUTURES Compatible: The Roots Twin designed by the legend Shawn Stussy is a well-balanced twin fin for all occasions. A tad smaller than the TA twin, the Roots Twin features a medium amount of rake with a flat inside foil. Well suited for performance oriented twinnies, the hexcore construction is lightweight and springy under flex providing both control off the bottom and release through the lip.

The Stussy Roots fins also work great as a Twin + Trailer in tandem with the Stussy Hitch Hiker fin. You can purchase both the twins and the trailer together with our S Double Combo.

Twin Fin - Futures
Height: 5.37" / 136 mm
Base: 5.25" / 133mm
Area: 19.57"² / 126.26 cm²

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