Weston Surfboards

Shaped & Designed by Wes Holderman

‘For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul.’ ~ Jesus


I grew up in Huntington Beach and shaped my first board at 13 years old. I didn’t really take it seriously until I was about 21, so that would be about 2001. I had my first glass shop in Mission Bay around that time, after that I worked up and down the coast honing my craft; learning everything I could about shaping and glassing from the people I most respect in the industry. I started Weston Surfboards in 2012, opening my first in house factory in Oceanside. Since then we have expanded to a larger space but have always kept the same craftsmen quality to my brand. I’ve always been inspired by the older generations; guys like: Hap Jacobs, Donald Takayama, Bing, Mike Hynson, & Butch Van Artsdalen. There is a long list, but I’ll leave it at that.

Weston Surfboards Aesthetic

My outlook on building boards is this: I try to make boards that are fluid in the water. I don’t like gimmicks or one maneuver centered boards. I make boards that surf well from the nose to the tail. I prefer to stick to tried and true designs over the new flavor of the month. Something that sets my boards apart is that all boards are shaped and glassed under my roof. I shape every board, do all the color work, and over see all other aspects of production, start to finish.


My favorite boards at the moment to ride are a 9’9’’ California Blade when it is head high and under and a 7’4’’ B Egg when the waves turn on.


I enjoy surfing up and down the California coast, and into Baja. When it comes to my favorite spot there is no place like home, which is Oceanside.

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