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True Ames | Lovelace Piggyback Quad Fin Kelp Futures

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The Ryan Lovelace Piggyback Quad is a quad set with softer curves than usual, look for positive drive and flowy turns. This setup is meant to complement down the line surf by providing smooth transitions and speed from one turn to the next. Front fins are flat foiled and rear fins are 80/20 foil.

Front Fins
Height: 4.50" / 114 mm
Base: 4.625" / 118 mm
Area: 14.88”² / 96.02 cm²
Back Fins
Height: 3.625" / 92 mm
Base: 3.75" / 94 mm
Area: 9.47”² / 61.12 cm²

Compatability - Futures
Quad Fin

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