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Deepest Reaches

I made my first board in 2009. It was a d fin pig, it was very crude but I liked it. The next few were pretty bad but I was determined to keep at it. I shaped sporadically for the next few years but in 2012 I decided to go for it and shape full time. I quit my job substitute teaching and shaped as many boards as I could. I would make one, ride it....

Meet Kyle

Pagan USA

I grew up in Westchester, CA. Growing up it was a small blue-collar town right next to LAX but is now growing into more of a desirable living destination for people. I started competing when I was 15 and got to travel from it until I was about 25. At 25 I got a twin fin from Tyler Hatzikian and a couple asymmetricals....

Meet Matt

Koz Mcrae Surfingboards

Proud Third generation Santa Barbara Native, the making and building of surf craft has always been part of my life in different ways. My uncle shaped for a lot of years and my neighbor was good buds with Greenough. George was always over at his house, I watched them build a boat in his driveway from start to finish....

Meet Koz

A&H Vessels

I live in San Clemente, but I’m originally from Sarasota, FL. I draw a lot of inspiration from the six-inch high waves I come from. I shaped my first surfboard aided by a VHS tape of John Carper, my love for building surfboards grew exponentially when I was introduced to twin fins from Rick Hammond and....

Meet Ashton
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