5'8" mp-egg neon fade airbrush surfboard

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The Guild

These handshaped disc/egg/wider planshape designs from Dave Parmenter have a long and illustrious history. Design-wise, for ordinary west coast surf we all need flats and edges to survive and produce speed and planing ability to bridge flat spots and mush. The basic MPegg shapes aren't the run of the mill retro "Displacement Hull" softies one sees everywhere. The versions of this egg/MP sort of board Dave typically makes are more like ultra-modernized versions of the 1970s Tony Staples eggs or G & S Modern Machines. Daves goal in the shaping room is to hybridize proven designs from the past with the features from modern surfboards that make them fast and skatey and responsive and crisp. Dave has certainly achieved this with his MPegg design by combining more performance-oriented shortboard components like the multi fin setups like tri-fins and quads with rockers that are fairly flat but the bottom curve is much more modern than a straighter bottomed Fish making the board a turbo-charged all-around dragster.

MAKE : THE GUILD - Shaped by Dave Parmenter

LENGTH: 5'8" x 19.75" x 2.2"

MODEL: MPegg - 5-fin (Futures)

FINISH: Sanded Hot Coat


5-Fin Futures
5'8" x 19.75" x 2.2"



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