5’11” bwk mint semi opaque surfboard

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Tyler Warren

This board was inspired by Allen Sarlo @allen_sarlo (one of the original Dog Town and Z-Boys) and watching him rip Malibu over the last 25 years on wide tail blocked equipment. A wider tail shortboard design that provides instant pick up speed and drive provided by a quad set up. The pulled nose helps during critical situations. The bottom has slight roll entry the last 6” then flows into a mellow tri-plane hull that flows to a fairly deep center concave fading into a spiral vee (hats off to the @campbellbros for inventing this bottom 50 years ago on the first 3 finned boards). This model Tyler’s tested over the last 6 months from shoulder high so cal surf to double over head grinding surf, it felt great in both situations providing plenty of hold and speed (due to straight exit point in tail template) with the freedom of a diamond tail to break your line. Introducing the “Baby Wave Killer model”

Quad Fin Futures
5’11” x 19 1/2” x 2 7/16”
Finish: Double Sided Tint, Fine Sanded



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