Love Machine | 7'6" VBowls | Watercolor Surfboard

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The V-Bowls is a board like no other; Photos cannot capture the three-dimensionality of the design - from the thickest part of the board, in every direction the foil refines all the way out to the edges creating a very well defined point just behind the center of the board that provides an unmatched feeling over any other mid-length in the world.  Surfed from the tail with a narrow stance, the v.Bowls has a ball-bearing effect that rolls effortlessly from rail to rail, and front to back allowing you to sink the thin rails into the face and lock into trim.  For tight, pocket-oriented surfing, the v.Bowls will be my winner for life; I've refined it as far as I believe possible, and I am amazed the response they continue to get around the world.  This is not a design for everyone in the world, but those who are looking to simplify and expand their feel and approach on a wave, while keeping the ability to put some serious weight into the tail and get that super positive, crisp projection.

Finish: Sanded Hot Coat

Single Fin Single Box



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