step bottom fish 6'0'' | clear surfboard

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Simon Shapes

6'0'' x 19 7/8'' x 2 3/8'' Step Bottom Performance Quad Fish that was glassed by Ryan Oas at Jeff Hull Fiberglass in Ventura.This design is focused on flowing through sections and linking carves. The increased outline curve gives it control at high speeds, and allows it to fit in tight pockets of the wave. It is a functional, high performing, and adaptable design that can be pushed hard with the right mindset and approach. The bottom shape consists of single concave entry, to double concave, to single concave in the tail with an acceleration of tail rocker curve around the fins. There are seps placed behind the rear quad fins to help the board break its line of direction with control when squaring up, and to narrow the single concave under the back foot. 6oz +6oz on the deck, 6oz on the bottom with a sanded gloss finish.

Quad Fin Futures
6'0'' x 19 7/8'' x 2 3/8''



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