Koz McRae SurfingBoards | 8'0" Mistress Clear Volan Surfboard

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It’s tough to keep a secret this good… The Mistress has been my go to board for the last couple of seasons. A 7 to 8 foot single fin (Sometimes side bites) a long slender outline with some hips. Rolled / hullish entry that pushes to the wide point (3-4 inches behind center) with a feathered out V in the tail. Pinched rails and flat deck for quicker response and less foot fatigue. She paddles with speed and surfs much smaller than she looks. The Mistress does the job in surf over head to knee high runners. Quick turns and the trim you’ve been looking for. I can’t say enough about these boards.

Works in everything

Details: Sanded Gloss / Volan Glass / Resin Leash Loop / Dark Wood Stringer

Single Fin Single Fin
8'0" x 21 3/4" x 3"ish

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