6'4" cheet | gray surfboard

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Love Machine

6’4” x 21” x 2 1/2” 37.3L This lift-focused egg came from a request in 2017 for something fun and approachable for the beach breaks of Japan - softer faces with playful sections and average size in general, something compact that scoots. The Cheet has a really sweet and subtle outline with its wide point slightly ahead of center. The bottom is focused on maximizing lift - with no neutral or unused space and minimal convex; These stay on top of the water with little pumping and draw out really smooth round lines in a variety of waves. Being a more compact ‘midrange’ board, the goal was to pack a punch in every square inch of this egg’s underside and match that with a broad flat deck that makes up a really stable and predictable platform. The rails are low and with a slight egginess to them, not too sharp or penetrating. The bottom shape is a single entry which transitions into a triple then quadruple concave - the outermost ‘rail’ concaves taper off just ahead of the side fins under the back foot where theres a little lump of spiral vee, which fades to flat behind the center fin.*Fin Note: The side-fin placement in these is slightly farther back and in from the rail than a ‘normal’ 2+1 setup - this is to allow for riding it as a twin fin as well as 2+1 or single fin. So far the 2+1 has been the favorite, but the board has a lot of room for experimentation with the placement of the fin boxes where they are!

“The first of this design is the one which was scanned, something about its feel in-hand just always felt sweet to me so it wasn't a tough choice when looking back through some of the more recent experiments that…its always just kept popping up; seeing the board move under the feet of some trusted test pilots over the years only drove the point home.

Erik Paulson’s glide on the original board is undeniable and the number of texts I’ve received about how fun they are for the last 5 years has sealed the deal - I think this is a really applicable design if my goal is to provide unique surfboards through this project.” -RL


LENGTH: 6'4"

MODEL: CHEET - 2+1 (Futures sides)

FINISH: Sanded Hot Coat

2+1 Single Box
Futures Sides
6’4” x 21” x 2 1/2” 37.3L



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