6'6" ordainer for regular foot

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The Ordainer was originally designed to be purely ridden as a step up asymmetrical twin in waves of consequence. The board exceeded original expectations and has become one of the best boards for just about any wave size, depending on what length the board is ordered in.


The board has a dependability in big barrels that is unique to this twin fin. 2 channels on the heel side and 1 channel on the toe side rail. The board has no shortage of foam, with full rails and a thick beak nose, but coupled with the narrow outline allows the board to still be surfed aggressively on the face of a wave even in mushy, smaller surf.

If you want a board that carries through the flats, requires little effort in paddling, and you like to stick to rail surfing as opposed to putting your fins above the lip, this one is for you. The Ordainer enhances what the wave gives you, while not forcing any maneuvers.


6' 6" x 20" x 2 5/8"



Asymmetrical Twin Fin

For Regular Foots


Resin Tint Deck Inlay



Large Raked Upright Twin Fins recommended

Twin Fin Futures
6'6" x 20" x 2 5/8"



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