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JIVE Surfcraft

6'8" x 20" x 2 1/2"

Green density foam.  All 6 oz glass.  Sanded gloss finish.  

Future boxes. FCS single tab leading fin.


This is an incredibly lively twinzer, which allows for performance midlength surfing, with plenty of flow and trim on tap.

Surf off the center for speed and glide.

Surf off the tail for ripping turns you didn't think possible on a midlength.


Within the triplane bottom runs a light single concave entry to vee through the tail. The four Lifter channels begin near the midpoint, deepening between the fins, then softening out the tail. Although they are called channels, they act more like multiple concaves, which are activated as more water moves under the board, increasing control despite the looseness of the twin fin setup. So, it’s loose like a twin should be, but grippy when you need it.


The bump in the template allows for a straighter rail line through the middle providing that really good trim and glide feeling, and a reduced tail area so there is still plenty of control when the waves get good. Some of the shorter designs have two bumps in the tail which allow further reduction of the tail area for good surf.


The deck is flat out to an edge that then drops into the rail. This provides plenty of volume for paddle, while maintaining a lesser thickness overall which gives it the responsiveness of a much smaller board. The thinner nose foil keeps the swing weight down, which also makes it very responsive off the tail, despite being a midlength.


Upright twin fins for tighter radius turns, and good wave responsiveness.

Keels for more drive and speed.

Twinzer setups use the small single tab side bites in the front, paired with an upright twin fin or small keel.




Twinzer Futures
FCS Single Tab
6'8" x 20" x 2 1/2"



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