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Size 6’8" x 21 3/8 x 2 5/8 - 43.5L


Those who are open-minded to trying these longer fishes will regret not getting one sooner.  Speed, glide, and whipping cutbacks, at your command this board will help progress one's surfing and refine style.  The Opener Fish takes a modern approach: the slightly pulled-in tail block allows the board to be surfed progressively, while the baby swallow tail acts as a pivot point for positive turns with crisp release.  The nose has enough curve to keep you out of trouble on steeper drops but is also wide enough for playful trimming on the front third of the board and cheater fives.

  • Rail: Rolled down rail with tucked under edge from nose to mid section transitioning into a hard down rail, edge starting above fins through the tail for crisp release on turns.
  • Bottom contour: Front to behind center is flat for maximum speed, transitioning to a staged Vee back third for maneuverability and smooth rail to rail surfing.
  • Rocker: Clyde Beatty Jr’s rocker formula created over years of RND and refining from countless rider feedback globally.  Relaxed staged rocker, working in harmony with all aspects of board design for optimal speed, wave count, and versatility in all conditions.
  • FCS II - Recommended fin setup (Fins not included):
    • Quad fins: Provides bite for confident turns while retaining the speed/drive of a twin.
  • Wave Type: Maximum fun in 1- 5ft any condition, and also opens up the small/weak days you normally wouldn't go out. Can be pushed overhead and above for advanced riders. 


  • Designed by the Helm Team, shaped by Clyde Beatty Jr (master shaper, pro-surfer, epoxy pioneer, creator of the “Rocket Fish”).
  • Traditional meets modern: Wax-free EPS-Epoxy-EVA surfboard.  Built as a "real surfboard", combined with modernized full non-slip EVA traction.
  • Hand sanded rails provide a refined apex, rail shape, and performance profile. 
  • EPS lightweight foam core with wood stringer reduces weight for maneuverability.  
  • Epoxy cloth/fiberglass resin ensures the performance/flex characteristics of a modern surfboard.
  • EVA traction vacuum bagged on the entire deck/rails, eliminating the need for wax while enhancing protection to the rider from impact and the board from dings.    
  • Hard Bottom with hand “sanded laminar flow finish” makes for less water friction and maximum speed. 
  • FCS II Authentic Fin Box System.
  • End result is a super fun, all-purpose, care-free board built to perform.



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